Friday, June 14, 2013

Independence Day

 It has been one hundred fifteen (115) years ago since we have savored the sweet trumpets of victory we fought for more than three hundred years of Spanish colonization. As I turned the dog-eared pages of my history book, I realized that it is not only the triumph, sweat and blood of our heroes that we celebrate but also the relevance of their sacrifices in this modern day age of technological revolution. 

In this fast real time age of information superhighway, we cannot deny that we are living in a drastically changing interconnected environment where everyone is free to speak their minds and share responsibly in their own little ways on what one can do for his or her country. Truly, who would have thought that we have now Tablets that are not taken orally and Apple that is as enticing and juicy as one of our favorite fruits, which we held in our hands as our platform of communication and connection to the world at the tip of our finger prints? As youth living in this Gen-Y, we no longer need to tear our cedulas and time warp in the 1896 Cry of Pugadlawin lead by Andres Bonifacio, intermittent revolts across the nation of Diego Silang and other cohorts, or imitate the commemorative death of our national hero Jose Rizal at Bagumbayan… Our long lists of national heroes have already done their part. They have successfully pushed for our sovereignty and freedom as a nation to the whole world and we are grateful for this wondrous gift. Indeed, our annual celebration of Independence Day  consistently poses a challenge to all of us on what can we do as an individual citizen to continuously ignite the glowing and burning flame of heroism to our fellow citizen, our country and the world. 

In essence, for me, independence is no longer freedom from our colonizers –whether it be Spaniards, Americans, or Japanese but it pertains to freedom from hunger, poverty, economic colonialism, threat and security to our sovereignty and integrity as a nation. It is our bounden duty to pursue our collective effort to unleash the country from the shackles of vicious cycle of poverty and other social issues affecting the people. It is not only the sole effort of the government but it also requires the working hands of various non-government organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations, civil societies and the people from the grassroots level.  The modern day technology through various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media networking sites will be our vehicle in transforming the lethargic spirit of the community into a more vigilant, conscious-driven,  responsive and vibrant society. The historic revolution staged by our forefathers and heroes in the struggle for freedom and democracy would not have been protracted  if they have experienced early on the fruits of development we are enjoying right now… However, there is nothing to be regret about it because it is only through their own way that we have known the priceless sacrifice and burning hearts and desire of Filipinos to be free. 

In this modern age of technological revolution, we are lucky we have been witnessed to the most coveted prize our heroes have fought for centuries--- peace. Our quest for freedom from hunger, poverty, economic colonialism, threat and security to our sovereignty and integrity as a nation do not end with our celebration of the annual celebration of Independence Day but still continues as we undertake the journey  towards the path of economic growth and development.

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

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