Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Message 2013

nce there was a boy no more than ten years of age. Looking at his eyes, you can merely say that he is full of wisdom and aspiration. One day, he finds himself daydreaming and said, “When I grow up, I would like to be a President of the Republic of the Philippines so that I can be of help to the society. No men, women and children would cry in tears because of lack of food.  No more wars and lasting peace would reign.” These are some of the words of the young and innocent boy. Years and days have gone by, this young boy grown up to a tall and young man. And like most reckless teenagers, he usually wastes his time going to movies, disco pubs, and doing useless things. He is always absent in class and these inexcusable absences made his parents, teacher, and classmates very much worried. Thus, his parents were advised to see the principal of the school regarding this problem. At home, he got a long lecture from his parents. However, the stubborn boy turned a deaf ear that made his parents especially his mother hurt so much. He thought of running away to some place where his mother and father would not reach him, some place where no one knew him. While this thought runs on his mind, a tall dark man wearing dark shades saw him and said, “Hey, Vincent, what are you doing here?” Vincent said, “Albert, it’s you, long time, no see. I have a big problem, you know.” Upon saying his problem, Albert invited Vincent to a narrow street down to a certain impoverished part of Tondo, Manila. Vincent noticed little children playing outside with their worn-out and untidy shirt. The neighboring houses seem like relocation sites of insects and the people are poor as a rat. Vincent felt pity for them. Tears rolled down on his cheeks, “No, this is not the kind of life I wanted. Mama and Papa are right. I have to study hard and do my best so that I will not be like these people. I want to have a brighter future and ambition to fulfill.” The next morning, Vincent headed home and there was only one thought in his mind --- to ask for forgiveness for what he has done. 

This short story taught us the value of asking for forgiveness, admitting one’s mistake and discovering one’s mission in life. We trust that this Holy Week we have utilized our precious moments to make introspection about ourselves with the guidance of Lord Jesus Christ. It is heartwarming to greet this wonderful day of Easter! Let us welcome the day with renewed hopes, aspirations, dreams and ambitions in life. The resurrection and new birth of Jesus Christ symbolize the hope that He gives to mankind. Our reflection during the Holy Week gives us a broader perspective to bring us into the world and realize our lifelong mission, the fulfillment of which helps give meaning and essence to our life. We need, therefore, to live our life and carry out our bounden duty in a manner that would please God the Father. The challenge for us is to re-examine and allow ourselves to be guided accordingly as we combat the social ills that plagued our society – people wallowing in the quagmire of poverty, unemployment and underemployment, violence, injustice, and corruption. As we venture into the new era of technological revolution, the modern day Easter celebration conveys not only the spiritual but also the secular message that each of us can do his or her share in making this world a better place to live in. We, as a citizen of the world, have inevitably did mistakes and met challenges in the past but we can learn from it and use them as stepping stone towards building our future. Indeed, the true resurrection of our being as an individual and as a nation from the social, political environmental, economic and cultural milieu can be realized through God’s saving grace and holy guidance. Happy Easter everyone!! 

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

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